Top - 3 essays of the English Language Olympiad -

Top – 3 essays of the English Language Olympiad

Hey, essay writers and connoisseurs. We are happy to share top three essays written by English Language Olympiad (Autumn 2022) winners. Enjoy!

Essay by 🥉Sofya Chugunnikova, 16 yo, from Togliatti, Russia:

Everyday we meet numerous amounts of people and all of them leave an imprint on our course life. However some people have a more significant impact on us than others. It is my desire to tell you about a person that made me a better version of myself.

My mom has played a crucial role in my development. First of all she has been a vivid inspiration to me as an expert in her profession. Her energy sparked up my desire to become an educator myself. Watching her teach since the age of seven has been a great opportunity to learn. Little by little I addopted her methods becoming a better teacher myself, so much so that at the early age of eleven I was able to take up students of my own. Tanks to my mom I was able to figure out who I wanted to be when I grow up.

Secondly my mom’s knoledge of English gave me the natrul English speaking enviroment, in which I learnt English the natural way. Unlike my classmates I never struggled learning English at school, so you would assume that without the chalange at school iI would be happy. Well, that did not work for me. I needed a challange and my mom was more than happy to provide me with one. She encoraged me to implement as much English into my life as possible like watching movies and reading books in English. I am very glad with my resultsd in English and I know it would be next to impossible to ddo the same without my mom.

To some up, my mom is the most influential person in my life since she helpped me figure out my future job and taught me English.

Essay by 🥈 Ivan Boltunov, 17yo, from Bobruisk, Belarus:

As a child of the Generation Z, I was practically born with technology in my hands. I played my computer since the age of 2, never enjoyed doing sports, had bad posture and was very skinny, which isn’t by any means healthy. Unfortunately, this is a standard for most of the boys nowadays. However, at the age of 16, when I saw a YouTube video of a man named Hamza, my life took a big turn. It had finally started changing for the better.

Hamza is an Indian YouTuber who shares his personal life experiences in fitness, relationships and mental health that tend to help people improve themselves, make progress and achieve their goals. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, self-improvement process takes many years and requires hard work and patience to be put into. Live and learn, they say.
As for me, this genuine and open-minded 25 years old man helped me to finally come to realization that there are so much more things to enjoy in life than just a screen that brings you so many unwanted problems. He gave me motivation to learn by making goals and achieving them, I also started working out at the gym to keep fit and made myself a healthy diet that includes a lot of nutritious foods. And this is only the beginning of my development and success.

In conclusion I want to say that people like Hamza were born to make this world better and they have to be watched by every teenage boy of our present. Most importantly, they teach us to take our first small steps and never get back, as this is a life-lasting practice. After all, you shouldn’t be afraid of growing slowly, but afraid of only standing still.

Essay by 🥇Daniyal Abdikhan, 14yo, from Aqtobe, Kazakhstan:

Sometimes you ask yourself “How did I become the current version of me?”. I’ve been drastically improving as a person in the last few years and my answer for this question is clear – I’ve been strongly affected by a japanese manga called “Gintama”, and especially its main character – Gintoki Sakata.

Let me give you a short description of Gintoki’s story. He’s a man who rose without his parents, his childhood was destroyed by a violent civil war and he had no one to rely on. The only man who was kind to him was GIntoki’s teacher – Yoshida Shoyo, but soon enough Gintoki was forced to execute his teacher by the Shogun, as the government decided he was a traitor, and this event in particular broke Gin. But Gintoki did not give up, he tried to form new bonds with other people over and over till he has found a new home for himself – Yorozuya, where he was teaching two kids sword and pen, just like his master. So Gintoki is a struggler, who didn’t give up even when the closest person to him passed away. His indomitable human spirit is unbreakable. He teached me to never give up, because the sun always rises after the dark. I also learned that the meaning of life is to make friends and create bonds, to help other people selflessly and become the best version of yourself. I was trying to be a kind person my whole life, but after reading this masterpiece I started to understand what the real kindness is. In the past, I thought that I was a kind person, but I always waited something in return. Now I don’t do that. I’m trying to never hurt other people, and in my opinion – it’s the best way to live.

All in all, the fictional character that affected me the most in my life is Sakata Gintoki, his story made me learn a lot of valuable life lessons and let me truly shine as a human.

Thank you all for your interest and keep improving your writing skills!

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