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~$190 per year dormitory fee

~$190 per month average living expenses

$1500 - $4100 per year tuition fee View fees

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  • + 4 intakes per year
  • It's free and takes 20 mins to complete. You will need passport, diploma or high school certificate and transcripts scans

    Why apply to Russia or Belarus with

    ➕ We only need your passport and transcript to get you accepted.

    ➕ We do all the translations and legalisation for the university ourselves

    ➕ We have agreements with the Universities, which guarantee you easy admission

    ➕ We take care of all the university bureaucratic issues and ensure your admission

    ➕ We don't need any English, French or Russian language exams from you

    Language will be tested via an interview or an admission exam upon your arrival. If you will need additional language training, we will organize a preparation or a language year.

    ➕ We organise a preparation or a language year for you in case you need it.

    We take care of complete application process
    We evaluate your acceptance chances
    We translate passport, diploma & transcript
    We advise you on univeristy choice
    We take care of univeristy bureaucracy
    We pick you up at the airport
    99% acceptance rate
    With governmental portals
    No application assistance
    No acceptance chances evaluation
    No help with translations of the documents
    No advise on university choice
    No help with bureacratic procedures
    No airport pick up
    Unknown acceptance rate
    Complete Application Form

    It's free and takes 20 mins to complete. You will need passport, diploma or high school certificate and transcripts scans

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