Smart English Course (B1-1)

Workout 23 of 25

My perfect weekend

In this workout, you are encouraged to record your own mini-presentation!

The topic of the presentation is ‘My Perfect Weekend’.

You need to speak about the following:

  1. where you spend your perfect weekend
  2. who you spend the weekend with
  3. what things you do on the perfect weekend
  4. and how it is different from your typical weekend.

Time limit is 2 minutes, but the recording mustn’t be shorter than 1.5 minutes.

The requirements are:

  1. Words & expressions to talk about daily life and free-time activities
  2. Present Simple to emphasize usual actions
  3. Frequency expressions and adverbs to show how often you do things
  4. Linking words to connect sentences.

You will see a sample response on the next page.

P.S. in order for your recording to be checked by a professional, you will need to book a one-on-one lesson.

Sample presentation:

On my perfect weekend, I want to do the things that I typically don’t do. I almost always stay in and do housework or I sometimes need to finish some work projects. But on my perfect weekend I do none of that! I don’t stay at home. And, of course, I don’t do any housework! Instead, I go outside to the city centre and spend time with my friends. We all like going shopping, so this is the first thing we do. After that, we go to a restaurant and have an amazing meal. I think I want to eat some seafood with vegetables or rice. Next, we have a good time at the cinema. I hardly ever go to the cinema because there’s always so little time to relax! Finally, we go to a health club to learn to dance salsa. This is one of my dreams and I hope one day I will do that.

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