Smart English Course (B1-1)

Workout 22 of 25

Independent – write a web post

Now it is time to write a web post yourself! You have learned enough grammar, vocabulary, and linkers to do so!

The topic is the following:

‘When is the best time to visit your city?’

Word limit is about 100 words.

Use the model from previous workout to write a good post (you will find it on the next page).

The requirements are:

  1. Use linkers to connect ideas in sentences and to connect two sentences logically.
  2. Use the vocabulary from the first lessons to say what activities one can do in your city.

The relevant linkers and vocabulary have been highlighted.

Good luck!

P.S. in order for your essay to be checked by a professional, you will need to book a one-on-one lesson.

Sample post:

The best time to visit Kamchatka is in summer because the temperature is higher and there isn’t much snow. But there will be many more tourists at this time, so be prepared for this! There are lots of volcanos, mountains, and beaches here. Go to the beaches here – they are amazing and the water is really clean. In fact, you can ski down some of the most beautiful mountains right to the Pacific ocean! And you can even go surfing after that! Or you can go trekking to see some of the active volcanos if you want something less dangerous.   

Hope that helps. 

Enjoy the trip!

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