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How to Find a Hobby? (vocabulary)

In the previous workout you needed to choose if the sentence is TRUE, FALSE, or NOT GIVEN. The key to success is understanding paraphrases and synonyms because such questions are paraphrased ideas from the video. Also, knowing synonyms is necessary to communicate in speaking and writing more comfortably.

Now let’s work with the videoscript and see if you can find the synonyms for more more difficult words. The target words have been highlighted for you. Use the context to choose the best option. Feel free to check any other words or phrases to learn even more!

The videoscript:

Being productive is the best way to solve your problems in life. It’s keeping your brain active and running, which leaves you no time to be unhappy and think about unimportant things. Hobbies are one of many ways to be more productive in life, especially when you have trouble finding yourself. But finding a hobby doesn’t have to be that complicated, as well as finding yourself. It’s important to be willing to take action and wanting to do it. As everything can be achieved step by step, the key way to find a hobby is also STEP BY STEP. So the first step would be determining whether you want to go solo or social. Do you feel more comfortable working within a group, or by yourself? What motivates you more? This is the first way of creating a proper selection of hobbies that you can choose from, according to what might fit you the best. For example, some solo hobbies are chess, ballroom dancing, gardening, classic car restoration, reading, playing guitar etc. And social ones are all the way from sports to creating and building things within a group. Then you need to think what feeling you’re aiming for—is it to relax? For the excitement? For pride or popularity? The feeling is important because beneath all other factors, the feeling is what keeps you in it in the long run. When the feeling is out, all other arguments start making no sense at all. Think well which feeling you’re missing and discover which hobbies could offer it. I find paintball and quad biking very exciting! While drawing and making jewellery relaxes me. And learning Adobe programs and creating things through them makes me proud for knowing more than yesterday. Don’t runaway from criticism nor support! Show your work to others. Your loved ones will surely find it important, but online communities can be very supportive and helpful in evaluating and deciding whether to continue or move on from something. Whenever I’m into any hobby, I join a FB group where I share and talk with others about that hobby. It’s not only another way of enjoying a hobby and learning more, but you discover completely different perspectives of a certain matter. Whatever it is, even solo hobby—people can be a great boost or clarifier in your journey. Finally, Don’t be afraid to change the hobby. Who knows, maybe it lasts 2 days or 2 years, but don’t ever be afraid of moving on. It’s all about achieving goals. And if you achieved all goals you wanted within that hobby, move on and set more goals and find something else. That’s not only okay to do, but even recommended because you are enriching your spectrum of interest and knowledge.

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