Smart English Course (B1-1)

Workout 25 of 25

Choosing the Right Definition 2

In this workout, you will practice dictionary skills.

The words today are RECONCILE (verb), RECONCILIATION, and FINE (noun, verb, adjective).

Your task is to choose the correct meaning of the word to fit in the sentence.

Here are the definitions of RECONCILE:

  1. to agree or become friendly again after a disagreement.

Sean hoped he would be able to reconcile with his father after years of not speaking to him.

2. to make sure the numbers or facts in two documents match.

It is good to reconcile your checkbook with your bank statement to make sure your total is the same in both documents.

3. to accept a fact or idea.

I am reconciled to the fact that I need to work hard to finish my project.


Here are the definitions of FINE:

  1. adj good enough

“Is the tea alright?” “Yes, it’s fine”.

2. adj of very good quality

Maria Callas had one of the finest voices ever.

  1. n an amount of money that you have to pay because you have broken the law

I got a $50 fine for speeding last week.

  1. v to make someone pay an amount of money as punishment for breaking the law

The police officer fined my boyfriend and me because we were making too much noise late at night at home.

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