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HW: TOEFL – Academic Discussion Step-by-step Writing [Targeted Advertising]

Task: read the task and follow the instructions given in the table to write your essay. 

Your professor is teaching a class on marketing. Write a post responding to the professor’s question.  In your response, you should

– express and support your personal opinion
– make a contribution to the discussion in your own words

An effective response will contain at least 100 words. 

Today, we’re discussing the ethics of targeted advertising. Some people argue that online advertising which uses personal information to target specific people is an invasion of privacy. Others argue that it’s simply an acceptable way to reach consumers with products and services they’re interested in. What’s your take? Do you think targeted advertising is ethical, or is it an invasion of privacy?

Jessica: I think targeted advertising is an invasion of privacy. Advertisers shouldn’t be able to track and use our personal information to sell us products. It’s not fair to consumers, and it’s a violation of our rights. Instead, advertisers should focus on creating high-quality ads that appeal to a broad audience.  By doing that they can both increase their sales and show respect for their customers.

Mike: I disagree with Jessica. To me, targeted advertising is ethical. It’s a more efficient way to reach consumers with products and services that are relevant to their interests.  With the money they save by using more effective marketing techniques, companies can afford to offer lower prices to their customers. Plus, we can always opt-out of targeted advertising by adjusting our privacy settings. As long as we get a choice, I think targeted advertising can be beneficial.
Step 1: read the professor’s comment, identify the topic and the question.
Step 2: read the students’ comments, identify their opinions (opinions, reasons and examples). 
Step 3: Choose the side. You can: Agree / disagree with one of the students Write about something new 
Step 4: Brainstorm ideas (your opinion, reasons and examples).
Step 5: Write your response. Choose one of the models: Template 1 (focuses on expanding on and challenging the points mentioned by the other students).
This is a challenging topic, but I think that [respond directly to the question].
I strongly agree with ’s idea that [mention one point made by the student]. 
I’d add that [expand on the point with your own idea].
While [other student] raised the relevant point that [mention one point made by the other student], he/she didn’t mention that [challenge that point].
For example [elaborate on your challenge with your own ideas]. 
Template 2 (focuses on giving an entirely new answer and ignoring the other student responses).
While I appreciate the points mentioned by both STUDENT 1 and STUDENT 2, I think that
– [elaborate on your idea for a few sentences]
Remember that [elaborate on your point], so [elaborate on your point].
Some people may feel that [mention a potential challenge], but [respond to this challenge].
Step 6: Proofread 

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