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1.4. Self-reflection journal post: SQ1 & SQ2

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1.4. Self-reflection journal post: SQ1 & SQ2

Dear Teachers!

In this section you are asked to reflect on your own experience with Speaking Quesiton 1 and Speaking Question 2.

Task: In your reflection journal devote a slide per question type and answer the following questions based on your completion of IELTS Speaking Question 1 & 2 Speaking responses:

Step 1: First complete speaking question tasks in the course.

Step 2: Reflect in your reflection journal by answering each of the questions

  • What are some of the challenges that you have encountered while responding to each of the question types? Think of 5.
  • For each of the challenges, think of specific tools and exercises that you can use to address such challenges with your students.
  • How can you help your students build confidence in responding to speaking questions.

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