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Q1: What is the one action to make the world a better place?
Q2: How learning English makes the world a better place?
Q3: Why education abroad makes the world a better place?

Note: Please, consider posting ideas that have practical application and could actually be implemented. Avoid general statements. We encourage you to post statements that answer the question “how”.

For example, if you believe that “by striving to give every person access to education” we could make a world a better place, take a moment to think “how is it possible?”. It is possible by creating free general school courses available through every smart phone.

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Home Forums One action to make the world a better place

  • One action to make the world a better place

     Anastasiia Zvereva updated 3 months ago 42 Members · 45 Posts
  • globamba.com

    18.07.2022 at 11:24

    Please, choose 1 question out of 3 and post your idea below:

    1. What is the one action to make the world a better place?
    2. How learning English makes the world a better place?
    3. Why education abroad makes the world a better place?

    Please, write your answer in one sentence.

    Note: Please, consider posting ideas that have practical application and could actually be implemented. Avoid general statements. We encourage you to post statements that answer the question “how”.

    For example, if you believe that “by striving to give every person access to education” we could make a world a better place, take a moment to think “how is it possible?”. It is possible by creating free general school courses available through every smart phone.

  • Maria Riabtseva

    25.07.2022 at 22:00

    To love each other and to treat people with kindness, humanization is the only chance to be a family

  • Svetlana Garbuzova

    25.07.2022 at 23:55

    Making friends with your neighbours is the best solution to avoid any conflicts.

  • Yana Yana

    26.07.2022 at 01:32

    Clean your heart first, there is no dirt in the eye of a hardworker.

  • Margarita Lutsenko

    26.07.2022 at 09:08

    The action which will make this world less cruel and dangerous and, conversely, more equal, peaceful and kinder is to halt the violence toward women and children.

  • Maxim Zaykоv

    26.07.2022 at 10:07

    Establish the global literacy promotion foundation (as an analogue to Red Cross Foundation in the field of healthcare), that will provide basic standardized educational services to the least educated or illiterate kids & adults globally.

  • Gholibjon

    26.07.2022 at 19:41

    Being happy 😊 and smiling 😃 are the actions to less stress, more love, creativity and healthy & long life.

  • Olga Dernova

    26.07.2022 at 21:19

    To raise an intellectual person, but not to educate morality in him, it means to create a threat to all of our humanity

  • Leniza Gimaletdinova

    26.07.2022 at 23:14

    Learning a language abroad makes the world a better place in my opinion, because there is an exchange of experience, the study of intercultural customs, recognition and friendliness between countries

  • Komron-Mirzo Abduvaliev

    27.07.2022 at 07:33

    Creating an international online platform that will help the adoption and daily food needs of 700 million hungry people in the world (in which the donor can choose which family in which country of the world to provide daily food and create an opportunity to be in constant contact)

  • Umidjon Avezov

    27.07.2022 at 07:50

    In order to make the life better on the Earth, educate next and subsequent generation with generous approach .

  • Maria Korchma

    27.07.2022 at 09:11

    The world will definetely become a better place, if we are noticing and creating only kind and memorable moments, which we can easily find during learning English.


    27.07.2022 at 11:53

    To make world a better place we should provide everybody with free education and establish a special literacy committee for that purpose

  • Yanina Blinova

    27.07.2022 at 12:27

    To make the world a better place, become a volunteer, because kindness makes everyone happier and reduces depression!

  • Yanina Blinova

    27.07.2022 at 12:34

    Learning English will make the world a better place, because most of the useful information is published in this language and people will be able to increase their views!

  • Ekaterina Faustova

    27.07.2022 at 17:18

    Education abroad especially at famous universities such as Oxford univerrsity, Harvard or Cambridge university will make our world a better place because experienced professors who read interesting and useful lectures work their, there are many essential courses by different professions, that’s why studying there one will have proffessional education and chance to find the best job.

  • Natalya Shulyatina

    27.07.2022 at 17:18

    Live and work with love and kindness to make the world better.

  • Yaroslav Obukhov

    27.07.2022 at 22:57

    Holding the light of kindness during your life and spreading it all over the world is the key of making the world a better place.

  • Anna Glazyrina

    29.07.2022 at 16:05

    I believe that education abroad helps to establish friendly relations among the youth of the whole world, because we the future generation want to live in a world without wars, so I propose to provide as many free exchange programs as possible around the world

  • Kamilla Kamarian

    29.07.2022 at 16:08

    The English language is one of the most popular languages in the world, most of the information is stored in this language, so, if we learn English, we will have an opportunity to increase the quality of medicine and will be able to find a way to treat many diseases (e. g. cancer) that annually claim the lives of thousands and millions of people.

  • Елена Губернюк

    29.07.2022 at 17:24

    The one action to make the world a better place would be just love, as simple as that!

  • Dayana Usen

    29.07.2022 at 18:23

    If humanity could minimize the number of petty street thefts, the world would be a better place and people’s lives wpuld be safer and happier. This is possible if you create a carefully thought-out and secure “CHIP + APP” system that will accompony you from the moment when the criminal steals your entire thing to the moment when you get your thing back

  • Antonina Maksimova

    29.07.2022 at 19:58

    English has already become world wide language, so learning it will help us to speak one easy-to-learn language and understand each and every human on this planet, so that we’d be united, powerful and strong

  • Мария Большакова

    29.07.2022 at 21:33

    One action to make the world a better place – to be responsible for your actions!

  • Юлия Горячкина

    30.07.2022 at 00:20

    1.Think positively and try to help people every minute when you can help.


    30.07.2022 at 07:02

    To make a world a better place we shall establish some kind of pro bono program, in which everyone contributes to a society as a volunteer in those fields, where they’re good at

  • Юлия Громыко

    30.07.2022 at 16:48

    Follow 5 “S”: sleep, study, sport, smile, sun: perception is reality!)

  • Елена Левина

    31.07.2022 at 17:11

    I think, education abroad helps to realise that people in other countries are the same as in your country, but each person is unique, so it is a step to stop dividing people into friends and enemies Wink

  • Павел Аверинский

    31.07.2022 at 22:33

    Making psychology a part of education will help a younger generation look properly for mental health and grow into an aware society of people who can better understand each other and guide next generations.

  • Galina Lysova

    01.08.2022 at 03:11

    To make the world better, teachers should teach their students carefully and qualitatively with true love to your subject and kind heart ❤️

  • Ekaterina Saveljeva

    01.08.2022 at 13:36

    Bringing up children with love and justice, teaching them to be self-confident and responsible for their actions is the way to get a reliable generation and make our world better.

  • Victoria Kara

    01.08.2022 at 16:26

    Create libraries and give away books to the people, that will change the people’s mind and so the world!

  • Julia Belous

    01.08.2022 at 17:29

    We need to change the education system so that students can choose the subjects they want to study.

    • This reply was modified 3 months, 3 weeks ago by  Maxim Zaykоv.
  • Анастасия Шевлякова

    01.08.2022 at 23:22

    People should respect each other to make the world a better place.

  • София Саитова

    02.08.2022 at 11:23

    (3 question)
    Education abroad makes the world a better place in so many different ways: for example, a person gets a top quality education and finds a dream job, so the world has a useful, highly qualified specialist in a certain field, and also a happy, fulfilled man; or a person gets acquainted with people from different countries, who have different problems and views on life, and these acquaintances help to broaden the horizon, improve person’s social skills and develop empathy and tolerance, which are the keys to solving relevant problems such as racism and minority equality.

  • Barbara Ryabova

    02.08.2022 at 11:38

    I believe it is possible to change the world for better significantly by providing government programs with free prompt qualified psychological support at every life stage: at school, for future parents to get ready for the responsibility, for people in a difficult situation, for students before exams, to avoid working burn-outs and et cetera Cat

  • Dominika Makeeva

    04.08.2022 at 12:50

    Learning English helps to communicate with people worldwide using a common language that unites us.

  • Valera Valarin

    11.08.2022 at 17:28

    No deception,truth only.

  • Mathew Varakin

    21.08.2022 at 20:08

    1.One cho

  • Mathew Varakin

    21.08.2022 at 21:04

    1.No matter what excuse politicians come up with for wars, they will always sow death and destruction. The world community must stop ALL wars with its own hands.

  • Alexandra Kulbida

    25.08.2022 at 12:44

    The action is to encourage manufacturers to use less plastic and enter more eco-friendly materials in their industry, thus, by taking into account the pollution issues, we can give the Earth a breath of fresh air and make the world a better place.

  • Oxana Seyp, MBA

    26.08.2022 at 11:49

    What would make the world a better place: abstaining from the perception of oneself as a victim of circumstances and taking responsibility for our own words and actions.

  • Yaroslavna Karpova

    26.08.2022 at 11:55

    1) Accept that we are all different and that this is good, speak less listen more, pick up your rubbish respect the planet.

  • Victoria Victoria

    27.08.2022 at 00:22

    Learning English helps people to achieve mutual understanding, success in work and their favorite business

  • Anastasiia Zvereva

    29.08.2022 at 22:51

    3 question

    Starting to think about the consequences is one of the best actions that can help humanity become better

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