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  • Valentina Chernoskutova

    04.05.2022 at 09:30

    Sergey, thank you for sharing the project about Donald Knuth! It was a pleasure to learn about such a prominent figure in computer science:)

    You covered all the points of the task, so 5/5 for completedness.

    Unfortunately, there were no visuals to enhance your project (except for the book cover:) ), so can’t give you any score here. It’s always nice to have some sort of presentation, even a simple one. It’s a great help for you, first of all, since you can put the key information on the slides and thus have a more clear and sctructured talk. The listener also benefits from the presentation because it’s much easier to follow you this way.
    You spoke quite clearly, though I suspect that you’d memorized a good deal of the pre-written text. So 4/5 for fluency & enunciation.
    You comfortably used present simple and past simple, well done! More tenses, such as past continous and will+inf, could have been used, too, Next time, try to use a variety!

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