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  • Anna

    18.08.2022 at 10:59

    Dear Maya! This was an unusual choice of a leader, actually. Why did you choose to talk about him? Smile

    Anyway, I learned a lot of new information from what you said! It was interesting for me to know more about the history of Ikea, since most of the furniture in my home is from there Smiley I had no idea that the founder was so modest and down-to-earth. Besides, it was surprising to know why Ikea furniture is names this way. I also agree with you that it’s amazing how he built his legacy on such important things. Furniture should make us feel cozy and comfy.

    Language-wise (remember this -wise?), I think you did a grea job focusing on the past forms, you used them throughout the whole response. I also heard “he saw like a man…”: be careful when it comes to how, like, as. If you’re comparing, you’d use like or as in most cases. But if you’re talking about THE WAY something is done, you’d use how, so we need to say “he saw how a man…” (he saw the way he was doing it)

    I’d also love to hear from you what makes him a leader, though! I’d give more details about his leadership qualities. Still, as an entrepreneur, he is quite an outstanding person, I agree!

    Thank you so much for your diligence, Maya!

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