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  • Nanette Mirar

    04.03.2022 at 17:32

    Hello, Leonid!

    Let me share my feedback about your final project presentation. As we have already covered, you need to talk about a country of your choice and analyse its culture using Hofstede’s conceptual framework. These are what you have mentioned in your presentation about Australia:

    Power Distance
    Australia’s Aboriginal History

    Structure: Satisfactory.
    You have organized your ideas in a commendable order. In fact, through Hofstede’s conceptual framework you have presented three of its dimensions with sufficient facts.

    Presentation: Excellent
    Your visual presentation, keywords, and images complement one another.
    Your modern design is commendable. However, there are still areas you have to improve to increase the formality of your presentations such as omitting ‘me’ and replace with your name.

    Fluency and Enunciation: Satisfactory
    You speak naturally, clearly, and confidently. Although you have mispronounced words such as ‘indulgence’ you may avoid this in the future through adequate preparation of your material.

    Vocabulary and Grammar: Satisfactory
    You were able to share your presentation with clarity. On the other hand, you could improve on correct vocabulary usage with special focus word functions such as ‘risk to risky’, ‘entertainment to entertain’, and ‘influence to influential’. You need to review the functions of the words you may use in the presentation in advance. This will help you use them correctly in sentences during your speech delivery. In this block, we have practiced modals. You were not able to apply them adequately in your presentation of Hofstede’s conceptual framework. You have used ‘can’ while you were discussing other areas of your presentation. However, you were not able to use the modals in presenting your three selected cultural dimensions.

    You can do so much more, Leonid.

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