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  • Solomon Hernandez

    22.03.2022 at 22:28

    Hi Victoriya! Nice work with your profile. You were able to write a good amount of details and most things were understandable. Your sentences made use of correct tenses most of the time. For points of improvement, here are some things to take note of. First, you could’ve made bulletin point details like with the examples in the material. For example, you could’ve written this at the top of the profile:
    “Name: Victoriya

    Location: (someplace), Russia

    Likes: (something something)”

    There were also some things that were a bit unclear. For example, you wrote, “I should show other people there are different ones”. In this case, it’s not entirely clear what you meant by “ones”. Please also be careful with some grammatical errors. You can check the comments I left in the document.

    A good job all in all though! Hope to see more of your outputs in the future.

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