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  • Anna

    22.08.2022 at 10:29

    Maya, thank you for completing the test! You did very well on the vocabulary on education and learning as well as reported speech. For some reason, the system deemed the answers incorrect, but I disagree. Everything looks great there, but the one thing you can pay attention to is time markers: when you report on the information, they change. For example, two weeks ago becomes two weeks before (if you don’t make this change, the person listening to you might thing about a situation that happened two weeks ago even though you’re telling about smt hthat had happened much earlier). You also did generally quite well on the determinters and quantifiers! In sentence 8, I think that both options would be okay, so your choice is also fine. There’s also an intersting phrase: have little to do. I understand why you chose the other option, but the words don’t go together. So the opposite of have little to do is have a lot to do. I would write this down as a collocation without thinking much why the words go like that. Another collocation is “great deal”, we wouldn’t say “good deal” in this context because we usually say that when we buy something. However, there are some phrases that do have clear reasons why words go together: for example, we wouldn’t say “a great amount of species” because “species” is countable. So, saying “most species” would work better here!

    Thank you!

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