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  • Anna

    23.03.2022 at 14:42

    Hi Maya! Here’s my final project feedback:

    1. Structure: Maya, I like that you got philosophical at the beginning of the presentation, it was very insightful for me. I also learned a lot about you as a person through your achievements and goals. Thank you for sharing and being vulnerable with use, I really appreciated it! The only thing I would focus on next time is the time itself: make sure your ideas are concise, otherwise it can be challenging to fully grasp the message for some listeners. 4/5

    2. Visual presentation: I enjoyed the visual aspect, it doesn’t have to be complex. I love pictures 🙂 5/5

    3. Fluency and vocabulary: Great vocabulary was used (e.g. wasn’t my cup of tea, make baby steps). I like the verb “stood up to”, but I would use it like this: “Stood up FOR innocent women”. You can say “stood up TO bullies” though. I appreciate that you very quickly incorporate new vocabulary in your speech! 5/5

    4. Grammar: Excellent use of past perfect tenses as well as present perfect ones. A lot of examples (e.g. I’ve been donating, I’ve stood up to innocent women I’ve been helping my boyfriend I’ve been going to).

    Maya, thank you so much for opening up about your achievements and goals. You shared your perspective on life and I can relate to it a lot. Thank you! 19/20

    PS Next time please submit your final project presentation anyway so that I can attach my feedback there!

  • Майя Ивлиева

    23.03.2022 at 19:49

    Thank you, Anna!

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