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  • Anna

    08.07.2022 at 15:59

    Ivan, I greatly appreaciate your work. Knowing how busy you are, your time and effort are extremely valuable!

    Let me give you some feedback based on the criteria:

    1. Structure: you have covered all the points stated in the plan. I liked that you chose a different idea of school, yours and Maya were both modern, but still had different philosophy to them. As for connecting ideas, I would use linkers like “first”, “second”, to show the progressions. Other than that, it’s a 5/5

    2. Visual presentation: as usual, your presentation looked put together and neat. I liked the bullet points, they kept us focued. 5/5

    3. Fluency and vocabulary: excellent use of vocabulary, you used a lot of it from the new block: at your fingertips, embrace technology, at their own pace, empower students, etc. Be attentive when it comes to the pronunciation of the following words, though: reshaped, banned, flipped — they are all pronounced similar to “askED” 🙂 Also, please check the pronunciation of “society”. I was very happy to see that you’ve applied my recommendations on the speed of t he presentation! Next time practice as well and make sure to pronounce words clearly. Practice makes perfect! 5/5

    4. Grammar: your use of grammar didn’t cause any miunderstandings for me. We later discussed reported speech and you did really well on that after we’ve reviewed sentence structure. I definitely feel liked grammar is your strength! 5/5

    Thank you for a yet another excellent presentation, Ivan. Really looking forward to the next one!

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