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  • Ammar Basheer

    25.06.2022 at 11:08

    Dear Ivan!

    Thank for you completing your final project and presentation! I really enjoyed your topic because as you mentioned it related to us all! And not the easiest topics to tackle given that money and economic problems are hard to deal with! Interesting stuff!

    I will grade your presentation based on the following criteria;

    Task completion – You were tasked with first introducing the topic to your audience. You did this really well. You went to detail and clearly defined the issues that you were planning on presenting. You then went on to discuss the severity of the problems faced by some countries and economies for world by providing examples such as the US recession, which affected millions of people. You then also discussed the inherent inequality that is baked into the system making some of the problems incredibly difficult to solve. You also took sometime to propose solutions that have the potential of addressing the issue. Great work! [5/5]

    Creative presentation – You put together a lovely presentation that was easy to follow. Good balance between text and visual aids! [5/5]

    Fluency – It was clear you had prepared and were familiar with your material. You also delivered you content with good structure. You used segues to move between topic to topic making it easy to follow. If I could make one note it would be that you could use your intonation to stress and emphasize parts that require it. This will add to your fluency.

    Vocab and grammar – It was good to see you using some block vocab – Poverty, Debt (good pronunciation), Suffer from, Defeat, Recession, Irreplaceable, etc. Note – It would have really added to your speech if you had used more discourse markers. Lets try the next time!

    Overall, and awesome presentation!

    Keep up the good work!

    Thank you


  • Иван

    25.06.2022 at 12:14

    Thank you for your feedback, Ammar!

    I’ll take into account these notes about discourse markers and the intonation. It’s very useful to know what I could improve 🙂



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