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  • Anna

    14.05.2022 at 08:38

    Dear Lisa! It was my first time meeting you and getting to know you as a student, but it was clear to me what a diligent student you are! I would like to leave you some feedback on your final project performance:

    1. Structure: You followed the original structure very well: you defined the problem, outlined the causes and effects as well as talked about the solutions. I see that there was a lot of effort put in this work. However, it’s important to let the others see you, so don’t be shy next time! Moreover, I think it will be more beneficial for you to speak without a text. We want to practice speaking skills, but to me it seemed like you were reading a text. Have a plan next time, it’s okay to stumble or make mistakes — it’s all part of the learning process, no one will punish you! 🙂 Still, you put so mucch time and effort that I think it’s still a 5/5

    2. Visual presentation: excellent presentation that enhanced your speech! It wasn’t complex and had only key words. The first slide, however, had a paragraph that you read. Next time you don’t have to include it. You can can just explain the concept without us seeing a text because we might get disctracted. 5/5

    3. Speaking fluency and vocabulary: I’ve commented on the fact that it seemed like you were reading off paper, so please avoid it next time! Also, I noticed you included a lot of fascinating vocabulary (e.g. biofuels, consequences, resilience, threat, severely etc.) I think it’s excellent because the topic is quite complex and the precise vocabulary makes the whole speech more interesting. However, when you work with words like these, make sure to check their pronunciation. If such words are mispronounced, they might cause misunderstandings. 4/5

    4. The use of grammar: you had no limitations when it came to grammar, the topic was developed using precise strucutures without any hesitations. 5/5

    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! It’s a fascinating topic to talk about and I’m glad you researched it and learned something new about deforestation.

    Thank you! 19/20


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