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  • Anna

    14.05.2022 at 08:24

    Dear Ivan! Thank you so much for yet another presentation. I’m going to comment on the criteria:

    1. Structure: you stayed true to the original structure. You first introduced the main points, which is great because it gives your listeners a clear plan of your speech. And then you talked about the positive point and the challenge. However, you didn’t have much time for the second point. I appreciate that you weren’t using any text and spoke yourself! Still, that caused you to talk more about certain points than the other ones. Next time, I recommend having a clear plan with things you want to say. Moreover, it’s necessary to practice with a timer if you feel that you speak about something more than it’s necessary. It will be very useful because it will help you filter out ideas and be concise. For now, I would say that this is your main focus: being concise. Please practice a few times with a timer next time! 4/5

    2. Visual presentation: you have an excellent taste and the presentation was neat and organized. I really liked the style and it wasn’t busy with unecessary things. Well done! 5/5

    3. Fluency and the use of vocabulary: Your vocabulary is very rich and precise, you had no problem exepressing your ideas on the topic. However, make sure to double-check the pronunciation of the words “register” and “health”. Moreover, I feel that sometimes you might not enunciate words clearly. This is an important thing to do. Sometimes you might speak quietly or you don’t open your mouth wide enough. Remeber that English speakers use their mouth more than Russians do. Russians can speak without opening their mouth much and we can still understand them (ourselves). But in English it’s all about enunciation. Again, I recommend recording yourself and trying to notice such things. After that, you can try again. I also recommend learning texts from videos or audios and trying to imitate the speakers. 4/5

    4. The use of grammar: Your grammar was also excellent for the most part, you used appropriate tenses when talking about the past and present, you had no problem switching. However, if you decided to use “when”, you either use the past simple or present simple (usually). In your case, you said “when I’ve lived in Sochi”, which clearly indicates that it’s the past. So, it would be more precise to use the past simple. 5/5

    Overall, you have no limitations when it comes to grammar and vocabulary, Ivan! However, make sure to focus on being concise when you speak and work on enunciation (pronouncing words clearly and lout enough). I hope you will apply my recommendations!

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