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     Anna updated 4 months, 3 weeks ago 2 Members · 3 Posts
  • Anna

    14.05.2022 at 08:10

    Dear Maya! Thank you for another interesting project. I’d like to comment on the criteria:

    1. Structure: You decided to talk about two things that positively affected your life and explained what challenges you experienced on the way. I think that’s a little different from the original strcuture, but it’s okay! I like this approach to talking about turning points! 5/5

    2. Visual presentation: as usual, pictures are great, they make it easier to follow your ideas, so thank you for investing your time in it! 5/5

    3. Fluency and the use of vocabulary: your speech was quite confident, I like that you don’t read any texts, it’s all very natural. I liked vocabulary like “rewarding”, “awkwardly awful” (unusual combo) and “I have to admit”. Make sure to check the difference between “teach” and “learn”: I taught my boyfriend snowboarding. My boyfriend learned how to snowboard. 5/5

    4. The use of grammar: You included a lot of perfect tenses (e.g. I had been healing, I had found out etc) However, remember that if you’re talking about smth that doesn’t relate to the present moment (smth that cannot be changed), you use the past perfect, not the present perfect. If you use the latter, it means that the situation might change in the future. 5/5

    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed your speech! Again, it allowed me to get to know you more as a person. I’m looking forward to learning more about you. Thank you so much, Maya!


  • Майя Ивлиева

    14.05.2022 at 08:18

    Thank you, Anna, for such a pleasant respond!

    • Anna

      14.05.2022 at 08:25

      Thank you for being a diligent student, Maya!

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