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  • Ammar Basheer

    06.09.2022 at 07:30

    Dear Irina!

    Thank you for completing your Final Project and Presentation! Your take on improving schooling and education was inspired!

    I will grade your presentation based on the following criteria:

    Task completion – You were tasked with thinking about education and schooling and how it might be different in the future. You walked your listeners through what you think could be changed and how it would benefit the students. You focused on four aspects: School buildings, Bureaucracy, Leaders, and Homework. In general, you met the requirements of the task in terms of the present, but predictions of the future were lacking. Nevertheless, great work! [⅘]

    Creative Visual Presentation – You put together a nice presentation with the use of appropriate visual aids.[⅘]

    Fluency – Your delivery was measured and you had thought about your structure. You used some discourse markers to transition between topics and ideas. I think with more work and practice your fluency will improve. [⅗]

    Grammar and Vocab – There was some attempt to use block vocab and grammar. This aspect of the project is quite important. The project provides a great opportunity for us to incorporate the block vocab and thereby inadvertently strengthening it in our memory. All in all, great work! [⅗]

    Score – 14/20

    Well done Irina!

    Keep up the good work!

    Thank you


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