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  • Anna

    19.08.2022 at 09:02

    Hello Ivan! I’d like to leave you some feedback on your Block 4 final project presentation. I’m also shareing the presentaion (14:09) so that you could review it!


    1. Structure: I think you did really well on covering the main points of the project. For example, you talked about the field, the origins of the project and what makes it successful. I’d focus more on connecting these parts logically next time. You can do that by adding linkers and transitions — it will make it easier for your audience to follow your train of thought. So you could say “First, I’d like to introduce the team that worked on this project, … Secondly, let me explain how this project started, … Finally, I’d like to finish off by talking about what made this project successful”. Please include these next time! 5/5

    2. Visual presentation: a very minimalistic yet effective presentation. Thank you for the pictures and video! 5/5

    3. Fluency and the use of vocabulary: I like that you used a variety of adjectives and phrases to talk about the project (e.g. to watch on the go, pioneering and innovative technology, immersive, etc.) I would like you check the pronunciation of some words next time. For example, the word “pioneering” wasn’t said clearly. Also, I’d pay attention to the pronunciation of endings. For example, we don’t pronounce “g” in words like “interesting” or “pioneering”. Also, I have said this to you before, make sure to pronounce words that end with “ed” correctly: designed, changed. The ending is pronounced the same way as in “developed”, which you said correctly! I hope that you can watch the recording and analyse your presentation: what can you do differently next time to sound clearer and make sure the pronunciation of such words is correct? 4/5

    4. The use of grammar: you generally used a lot of advanced structures like “I’ve been a part of …” and “as they would is they were…” . However, when you’re talking about the past, about something that is not true now, you wouldn’t use the present tenses. So, instead of saying “I’ve been a part of..” you’d say “I’d been” because if I’m not mistaken, you’re not working there anymore, right? Make sure to check these things in the recording as well. 5/5

    Overall, it was an interesting presentation and very impressive! I’d focus on these things next time

    – connecting parts of your presetnation with linkers and transitions as in my example

    – checking the pronunciation of words

    – if your story is about the past, make sure to focus on the use of the past forms only. Practice before your presentation to ensure that!


  • Иван Тищенко

    22.08.2022 at 13:52

    Hello Anna, appreciate your feedback and will focus on your suggestions with next presentation!

    Thank you so much 🙂

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