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  • Ammar Basheer

    17.08.2022 at 10:45

    Dear Irina!

    Thank you for completing your final project and presentation. And thank you for sharing about the highs and sometimes challenging points of your life. It was inspiring to see how you overcame them and persevered.

    I will grade your final project based on the following criteria:

    Task completion – You were tasked with presenting and discussing two pivotal points in your life. One that was positive and one that was a challenge. Your presentation met the requirements of the task! Well done! [5/5]

    Creative visual presentation – Your presentation was really nicely put together with easy to read text matched with great visual aids! Great work [5/5]

    Fluency and Grammar – Your had prepared what you were going to say beforehand and that was clear from your delivery. You sounded natural and it didn’t look like it was overly rehearsed! Some attempt was made to use block grammar, but you missed a few opportunities to utilize the past perfect forms we had talked about. Either way, great job! [4/5]

    Vocab – It is vital that we try and use block vocab in our presentations. It really gives you the opportunity to showcase your vocab and thereby learn them. There was some attempt to use block vocab, but we had a few missed opportunities. For example, we could have used vocab from the watershed lesson while talking about pivotal points. [3/4]

    Score – 17/20

    All in all, this was a great presentation!

    Well done Irina!

    Keep up the good work!

    Thank you


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