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  • Ammar Basheer

    17.07.2022 at 12:36

    Dear Ivan!

    Thank you for completing your final presentation and project! It was really interesting to listen to!

    I will grade your final presentation based on the following criteria:

    Task completion – You were tasked to present mindful techniques that you use or would like to use to deal with some of the daily struggles that you face. You touched on many issues people face in general and techniques that lots of people can use easily. I appreciate how you focused your presentation on three key stress relieving strategies; Breathing techniques, Sitting meditation, and Yoga. Great work! [4/5]

    Creative presentation – A straight forward presentation with clear and easy to read information. Really nicely put together. Steller work! [5/5]

    Grammar and Fluency – You spoke clearly and your delivery was well measured. It was easy to understand and follow. There was some attempt to use block grammar, but I think we had some missed opportunities with modals of deductions. Overall, good work! [3/5]

    Vocab – Great use of block vocab. It is really important to use the vocab that we learn so its great to see you using it! However, I think we could have used more 🙂

    – Bear in mind, Is a thing, Exhausted, Loads. [4/5]

    Score – 16/20

    All in all, great work Ivan!

    Thank you


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