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  • Anastasia Kharlampovich

    02.04.2022 at 13:54

    Maximum for each criteria is 5.

    Content – 5. You talk about all points of the task, your ideas are clear.

    Organisation (yellow) – 4. You use different linking structures (there is, if, this/these). More linking words can make the text even more interesting. Think, please, what linking words or phrases you can use in places highlighted in yellow?

    Vocabulary (green) – 3. Well done, you use different vocabulary and a few less common words correctly (entrance, unappetizing). Sometimes the mistakes make it difficult to understand the idea. Can you find the mistakes in green?

    Grammar (blue) – 4. You make a few complex sentences correctly, well done. There are some mistakes but they don’t make it difficult to understand the meaning. Do you understand all the errors in blue?

    Overall, you organise your ideas nicely and use vocabulary and grammar that fit your ideas. Check vocabulary and grammar before sending the text. You can use the instruments in the document editor to help you with mistakes.


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