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  • Anastasia Kharlampovich

    09.03.2022 at 18:40

    Content – 5. You gave a lot of information about the picture (who, where, how do they feel, why). Well done!

    Organisation – 2. Good use of linking words (at the same time, because). I took 3 points down, here’s why and what to do:

    – divide the text into paragraphs, so it’s more clear;

    – be careful when you divide a sentence into many sentences. Is it necessary? (‘He doesn’t know what he need to do. Like his parents. Because in the country hunger and poverty’)

    – try to speak about general facts first, then details, so the ideas are easy to follow. For example, who can you see –> what are they doing –> what small details can you see.

    Vocabulary – 4. I liked that you used some advanced words: poverty, downcast, crossed his arms. I took one point because the sentence with ‘shape’ was difficult to understand. You can shpae an opinion, for example.

    Grammar – 4. You see the difference between present simple and continuous well. Remember to use ‘to be’ (They just standing, in the country hunger).

    Overall, I really liked your ideas, the vocabulary you’ve used and I see that you understand the grammar better. Look at my advise about organisation the next time.

    15/20 = 75% = 7/10

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