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  • Kate Shevchenko

    24.03.2022 at 08:51

    Dear Darya,

    Thank you for the work done! I’d like to leave some feedback on your Block 7 final project presentation:

    First of all, you covered all the points and answered the questions. However, please remember that the presentation should not be longer than 5 minutes. – 5

    You presentation was full of interesting pictures, which allowed us to see the life of this amazing athlete in extreme detail. – 5

    You used a lot of words learnt in the block (e.g. achieve, career, etc.), but some of them were mispronounced (butcher [‘buʧə], commissioner [kə’mɪʃ(ə)nə], etc.). Please do not sight read. – 4

    You quite comfortably used the grammar learnt, epecially irregular verbs. Also, I want to note the excellent knowledge of the passive voice) (e.g. was elected). Just some mistakes were made: at Sydney – IN, he start his career – startED, etc. – 4

    All in all it was a great presentation.

    Total (out of 20): 18

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