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  • Kate Shevchenko

    09.06.2022 at 22:17

    Dear Veronika,

    thank you for the work done!

    Your presentation is well structured, you answered all the questions listed. – 5

    The presentation itself was great, you chose amazing illustrations that captured the topic perfectly. – 5

    Overall, not bad. You tried to use the words learned in the block, however, some of them were misused (customer – witness, opposition politician – oppositionist, etc.). – 4

    As for the grammatical part of the presentation, I would like to note the excellent use of the past simple tense, with the exception of a couple of errors (e.g. shoot – shot, they didn’t found – find, etc.). – 4

    Your total score is 18/20.

    You did a great job, keep it up!

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