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  • Kate Shevchenko

    22.09.2022 at 11:46

    Dear Elena,

    thank you for the work done! You have shown excellent results.

    Your project is complete: you have covered all points of the task . Also, I’d like to say that your project has clear and easy-to-follow structure. – 5

    Creative visual presentation: It’s really cool that you used photos that perfectly demonstrated the turning points you were talking about. – 5

    Speaking fluency and enunciation: Excellent fluency! Also, I would like to note the use of the vocabulary covered in the block (e.g. delighted, cheerful, etc.). – 5

    Use of grammar: You have shown exceptional knowledge of Present Perfect, as well as used to, get used to and be used to structures. However, some mistakes were made:

    – the most hardest – the hardest;

    – from sad to happy (nouns);

    – would changed (infinitive);

    — I work with it now – I’m working on, etc.

    – 4

    Your total score is 19/20

    In general, I can say that you are making great progress in mastering the course Blush Keep it up!

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