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  • Kate Shevchenko

    13.06.2022 at 22:12

    Dear Elizabeth,

    Thank you for your project!

    The structure was clear and easy to follow. – 5

    The presentation itself was very nice. – 5

    You demonstrated an excellent vocabulary, used a huge number of new words and expressions, but there is one “but”- you sight-read. It would be great if the text was simpler, then you could tell it instead of reading. In addition, when there are so many unfamiliar words in the text, you read them incorrectly, which makes it difficult to understand you. – 3

    You showed an excellent use of regular and irregular past tense verbs. Good. – 5

    In conclusion, I want to say that the presentation was good, and I hope that next time you will be more confident in speaking 🙂

    Total (out of 20):17

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