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  • Alyssa Pamintuan

    31.08.2022 at 16:51

    Hello Sasha! I’d like to leave you some feedback on your Block 10 final project presentation:

    1. Structure: (5/5) You have done very well in this part. For example, you have made engaging questions for the audience that allows them to process the information that you have shared about alternative medicine. Additionally, you have included very sensible advantages and disadvantages of your topic. You went a bit overtime but it’s not a big deal in our case since you were the only one present in our session. However, in some instances, as I have told you, the time limit is a bit stricter so as much as possible, try to time yourself in your practice to ensure that you won’t always go overtime.

    2. Presentation: (5/5) As usual, you were able to create an effective visual presentation as you used concise captions/keywords, and images. Keep up the great work on this aspect.

    3. Fluency and Vocabulary: (5/5) Your overall speech is reasonably smooth even though you had some repetitions and hesitations. They did not really become obstacles in your speech. You were able to use a lot of expressions that are very much related to our topic for this block.

    4. Grammar: (5/5) Apart from the two points we’ve discussed in class, your grammar structures were varied, and your effort to incorporate the targets in this block is impressive.

    5. Overall: (20/20 = 100%)You have done very well on this project and I admire your hard work and commitment considering the fact that you’ve been busy during the week of your final test and presentation. I can see that you have really given your best in making this report.

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