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  • Alena Khmeleva

    19.08.2022 at 05:27

    Hi Veronica! Thanks for submitting your homework on time. Good job! You can see my comments below.

    Please, pay attention to grammar, specifically to Past Simple. You need to use the second form of the verb after the pronoun (When I was/I learned/I danced).

    There are some spelling mistakes in your work (peouple, listnen), however I’m sure you’ve made them because of being in a hurry or being inattentive.

    As for the strong points, your vocabulary is impressive. I’m glad that you’ve searched for some interesting words such as waltz and solfeggio.

    In your work, you have occasional wrong usage of articles – a many hobby, a more history. And I want to refer to them’s hobby – what would be the right possessive pronoun here?

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