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  • Solomon Hernandez

    05.09.2022 at 00:12

    Hello Sonya! I’d like to leave you some feedback on your Block 2 final project presentation:

    Structure: Great work in your presentation! You covered the main points needed. You also finished everything within the time limit. (5)

    Visual Presentation: Nice work with your presentation. It’s quite cute and pleasing to look at. And I appreciate how you used your real pictures with your sister. The text seemed sufficient as well. (5)

    Fluency and Vocabulary: You spoke fluently and clearly most of the time. Just try to minimize filler words. You also used some of the vocabulary (e.g. “puzzled”, “uplifted”). However, I do feel like you could’ve used more from the vocabulary list, such as “anxious” or “delighted” when talking about your feelings. (4)

    Grammar: Nice work! You used the target grammar point correctly most of the time (e.g. “I wasn’t used to sharing”, “I used to feel regret”, etc.). However, please be careful of some mistakes like “I still getting used to”, which should be “I’m still getting used to”. There were also other errors, such as “how my life have been going” (this should be “how my life has been going”) or “I didn’t felt” (this should be “I didn’t feel”). (4)

    Fantastic job overall! Keep it up!

    Total (out of 20): 18

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