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  • Solomon Hernandez

    16.08.2022 at 00:06

    Hello Liliya! I’d like to leave you some feedback on your Block 1 final project presentation:

    Structure: Great job on your presentation! You covered all the main points. I also appreciate how you even discussed SMART goals for a bit. (5)

    Visual Presentation: I found your presentation quite cute. The pictures were also relevant and there was a decent amount of text. Just be careful of some mistakes. For example, “american” should be written as “American”. (5)

    Fluency and vocabulary: I think you spoke at a fairly natural pace. Your enunciation was understandable, so good job! Props as well for using the target vocabulary (e.g. “prior”, “achievement”). There was one phrase though. You mentioned “freedom of opinion”, but I believe “freedom of expression” would’ve been the more appropriate term. (5)

    Grammar: Nice work in using the target vocabulary. For the most part, you used them correctly (e.g. “I’ve been working at an American company”). However, please be careful of some mistakes. For example, you said “It has been” for something that had completely stopped, so you should’ve said, “It had been”. (4)

    Keep up the good work overall! Looking forward to your next presentation.

    Total (out of 20): 19

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