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  • Solomon Hernandez

    16.08.2022 at 01:01

    Hello Liza! I’d like to leave you some feedback on your Block 1 final project presentation:

    Structure: Splendid work on your presentation! Your presentation was coherent and easy to follow. It didn’t go beyond the time limit. You also covered most of the main points needed for the presentation. However, you could’ve discussed more specific details on how you achieved each of your goals. (4)

    Visual Presentation: Your presentation was simple and easy to follow. You used some text and some relevant photos. However, I do feel it’s a bit short and could’ve benefited from a few more slides and maybe more text. Maybe you could’ve added in the details for achieving your goals. Some slides felt a little empty as well, such as slide 7. Also, I think maybe you can use more relevant photos in some parts. For example, when you talked about your accomplishment of earning money and helping your mother move, it had a photo of a laptop and a coffee shop. It’s fine overall, but adding these would’ve really improved the presentation. (3)

    Fluency and Vocabulary: You spoke at a fairly natural pace and spoke clearly. You also used some of the target vocabulary appropriately (e.g. “accomplishment”, “target”). (5)

    Grammar: Great job in utilizing the target grammar point. You used perfect tenses correctly all throughout (e.g. ““It has been important for me”, “I have met many”, “I’ll have donated”). Just take note of one minor mistake though in a different area of grammar. In particular, you said “It would be more easier” when it should’ve been “It would be easier”. (5)

    Fantastic job overall! Keep it up and I look forward to seeing your future presentations.

    Total (out of 20): 17

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