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  • Solomon Hernandez

    05.07.2022 at 23:20

    Hello Fedor! I’d like to leave you some feedback on your Block 1 final project presentation:

    Structure: Good job with your presentation! You were able to cover all the points needed for the topic. However, you went a little over a minute beyond the 5-minute time limit. I think you could’ve shortened some of the other parts. (4)

    Visual Presentation: I appreciate that you had a presentation prepared. Unfortunately, you didn’t go through your slides while you were giving the actual presentation. Please make sure to fully utilize your slides in the future. Also, I think some of the text in your slides were too long. You can try using bullet points instead of full paragraphs. More effective pictures would also help. (1)

    Fluency and vocabulary: Nice work making use of the target vocabulary (e.g. “chemistry”, “achieved”, “research”, “discovered”, etc.). For your point of improvement, try speaking a little more smoothly and fastly. Since you have a script prepared, try to familiarize yourself with it more so you can speak more smoothly. This can also help in avoiding going beyond 5 minutes. On another note, please be careful with pronunciation sometimes. For example “raise” should be pronounced as “reyz”. (3)

    Grammar: You made good use of different tenses (e.g. “Mendeleev entered”, “Mendeleev is well-known”). Be careful of some mistakes though. For example, “He born” should be “He was born”. Another example is when you referred to Mendeleev as “it” instead of “he” at the start. (4)

    A fine presentation overall. I do think there are quite a few things to improve on. However, I believe you can work on these and give an even better presentation next time! Looking forward to your future outputs.

    Total (out of 20): 12

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