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  • Solomon Hernandez

    07.04.2022 at 07:20

    Hello Victoriya! I’d like to leave you some feedback on your Block 6 final project presentation:

    Nice job covering all the main points needed for the presentation. Just be careful though, as you went beyond the time limit of 5 minutes. I think it would’ve helped if you include your specific examples when you’re making your script/outline. (4)

    Your presentation was fine overall. You used pictures that were relevant. For the text, instead of using full sentences, you could just use keywords or key phrases so it’ll seem less cluttered and lengthy. Also, please be careful of spelling (eg “gudget” should be “gadget”). (4)

    You made good use of vocabulary related to gadgets and inventions (eg “humanoid”, “sensors”), as well as vocabulary related to possibility (eg “maybe”, “probably”). Keep it up! For points of improvement, there were just some noticeable unnatural long pauses, particularly when you were trying to think of examples in the end. It may have been best to think of these examples ahead of time so your presentation could’ve gone more smoothly. (4)

    Splendid work using the target grammar point. You were able to use future tenses (eg “This gadget will be able to”) correctly. Please be careful of some grammar mistakes though, such as “to keep safety” or “It can be useful people”. These should be “to keep safe” and “It can be useful for people” respectively. (4)

    A pretty solid job overall! Please take note of the notes I mentioned.

    Total (out of 20) : 16

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