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  • Solomon Hernandez

    01.04.2022 at 20:25

    Hello Alexandra! I’d like to leave you some feedback on your Block 6 final project presentation:

    Great job on your presentation. I think the gadget that you came up with was quite interesting! You also covered all main points for the presentation. However, you exceeded 5 minutes in giving the presentation. I think you could’ve downloaded the video you showed, cut it a bit, and manually included it in the presentation itself. Alternatively, you could’ve explained it in words more instead. (4)
    Your presentation was fine overall. You used related pictures and a decent amount of keywords. You could’ve included the video in the actual presentation file though. (5)

    Nice work using the target vocabulary, like “reprogram” or “sensors”. I also think you spoke at a more or less natural pace so keep that up. (5)

    I think you did well using the target grammar point. For example, you said ““We will be able to understand”. Just be careful of mistakes sometimes. For example, “This device will be able to use by people” should just be “This device will be used by people”. (4)

    Keep up the good work overall! I look forward to your future presentations.

    Total (out of 20): 18

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