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  • Solomon Hernandez

    05.03.2022 at 15:04

    Hello Alexander! I’d like to leave you some feedback on your Block 5 final project presentation:

    Structure: Great job with the overall flow of your presentation. It was understandable and covered all required points. (5)

    Your visual presentation was great because it used relevant pictures and contained just the right amount of keywords. (5)

    You spoke at a natural pace for the most part. However, please be careful of using fillers like “uhh” too often. For vocabulary, you were able to use some of the target ones, like “probably”. It would’ve been better though to have used vocabulary related to survival as mentioned in the guidelines. (3)

    Nice work using the future tense (e.g. “we will interact” and “we won’t eat”). A lot of times, you used them correctly. Just be careful of some mistakes like “we will be exist” or “we will be depends”. Remember, if they’re action verbs, we don’t use “be” or “-s” anymore. Additionally, instead of “affects to”, you can just say “affects”. (3)

    Wonderful work overall! Just work on the things I mentioned.

    Total (out of 20): 16

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