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  • Solomon Hernandez

    05.09.2022 at 00:41

    I think you made good use of the reflective essay writing tips. I especially liked the eye-catching first sentence. You were also very descriptive.

    However, there are some parts where the vocabulary felt a bit off. For example, you wrote that you and your teacher were “puzzled” about the situation. Since it’s just a locked door, it doesn’t seem like something one would be confused about. I think saying that you were both “anxious” about the situation would’ve been better, especially since she had a performance to direct.

    You also used “uplifted” and “delighted” in the same sentence. They have quite similar meanings, although the former is focused more on improving one’s mood, so you can just use “delighted” by itself.

    There were also quite a few grammar and spelling mistakes (e.g. “was showed”, “I was hurry”, “accidently”, “situaion”, “puzzeled”). Please always make sure to double-check your write-up for any grammar or spelling errors. Using software/applications like Grammarly can always help. I personally use them.

    A pretty good write-up overall!

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