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Smart English Pre-Intermediate

    Welcome to Block 7 : Culture
    3 Topics
  2. 7.1 Body language
    7 Workouts
  3. 7.2 Cross-cultural communication
    10 Workouts
  4. 7.3 Writing a piece of advice
    2 Workouts
  5. 7.4 Small talk
    5 Workouts
  6. 7.6 Final Project Presentations
    3 Workouts

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Welcome to Block 7 : Culture

Dear Students!

Welcome to Block 7 of our Smart English Course!

During this block we will research and learn about culture. In doing so, we will also focus on vocabulary and linguistic structures that will support the fluency and structure of our discussions on this topic:

  1. Vocabulary: Body language and gestures
  2. Grammar: Zero and 1st conditional

This block will culminate with your final presentation of a your culture do’s and don’ts.

Enjoy learning!