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Smart English Intermediate

  1. BLOCK 4: FOOD
    Welcome to Block 4: Food
    3 Topics
  2. 4.1 Let's cook!
    7 Workouts
  3. 4.2 National Cuisine
    8 Workouts
  4. 4.3 Recommending a restaurant
    3 Workouts
  5. 4.4 At a restaurant
    7 Workouts
  6. 4.5 Final Project Preparation and Review
    3 Workouts
  7. 4.6 Final Project Presentations
    6 Workouts

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Welcome to Block 4: Food

Dear Students!

Welcome to Block 4 of our Smart English Course!

During this block we will discuss food and cooking. In doing so, we will also focus on vocabulary and linguistic structures that will support the fluency and structure of our discussions on this topic:

  1. Vocabulary: cooking verbs and adjectives to describe taste
  2. Grammar: passive voice

This block will culminate with your final presentation of a traditional dish.

Enjoy learning!