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4.3 Classwork Task 3a – Find synonyms

Read the text:

Hi Luke, 

Great to hear from you and I am glad you are doing well. There are so many places to eat out in London that it’s hard to choose, but here are a few that I guess you might like. 

Singburi is a super popular Thai cafe in Leytonstone. Everyone agrees that it is an ideal place if you want to eat something on the run, because they offer a wide selection of takeaway noodles and curries. The only drawback of this place is that they accept only cash. 

There’s also a good place called Westerns Laundry. From my point of view, it is one of London’s best seafood restaurants. Its covered terrace and stellar wine list add to the reasons to visit this outstanding carefully designed restaurant. It’s pricey, but this place is definitely worth visiting. 

Another good place is Trullo. Its simple seasonal food  makes it one of London’s best Italian restaurants. In my opinion, the interior is very elegant: there’s dark wood, low lighting and red-and-white tablecloths. If you go there, don’t miss beef shin pappardelle! Trullo also has wonderful views of the city from the rooftop. It’s a trendy place, so I believe it’s better to book a table in advance. 

Have a brilliant time and let me know about your gastronomic experience in London!


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