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    Welcome to Block 1: Life Around Me
    3 Topics
  2. 1.1 People Around Me
    11 Workouts
  3. 1.2 About My Family
    12 Workouts
  4. 1.3 Writing: A Personal Profile
    3 Workouts
  5. 1.4 Communication Skills Development: Sharing an Opinion
    9 Workouts
  6. 1.5 Final Project Preparation and Review
    3 Workouts
  7. 1.6 Final Project Presentations
    4 Workouts
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1.6 HW Reading: A Day In the Life of an Instagram Influencer

Task: Read the text and answer the questions. 

7.30 AM For breakfast, I go to a cafe that sells vegetable and fruit shakes and sweet bakery treats. I share a picture of the share with my followers, but not my banana pancakes. I eat the pancakes because they are my guilty secret. I am rewarding myself after all the hard work I did in the gym. Outside the cafe, I spot a cute dog and post a picture with it on Instagram. This picture will go viral for sure! 
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9:00 AM I go to the park with my friend who is a very good photographer. The sun isn’t really helping us today, but it’s okay because we can edit the pictures. We take pictures of each other and take pictures of flowers. These photo sessions are important as I need new content for Instagram everyday.

11:00 AM It’s time to make money. I get out my slimming tea and take a picture of it. I post the picture on Instagram with a caption about how it changed my life. I add #ad at the end, but most of my followers don’t care about what is sponsored and what isn’t. They trust my opinion. 

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2:00 PM I’m hungry and I go to the supermarket to buy food. When I get home, I post pictures of my favorite brands on Instagram and hope they will sponsor me. I’m not a good cook, so I order takeout from the restaurant down the street. People are already asking me for my recipes! 

3:30 PM This is a big year for me because I’m finally releasing a new documentary: a story about my life, since I am an adult and have had enough experiences that I want to share with the world. I have a meeting with my director now but all I share with my friends is a picture saying “SOMETHING IS COMING.” Everyone’s excited and guessing what I’m doing.

6:00 PM I am going to an event organized by a luxury brand. I am going to show everyone my makeup collection and answer all their questions. I will ignore all the hate comments because I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. My job is difficult, and not everyone will understand, nor do I need to make them.

8:00 PM I go to a party wearing a dress that a designer gave me, and I make sure to tell everyone how much I love the dress, so the designer will be happy. I take pictures of myself at the party, and I post them on Instagram. Some of my followers don’t like these posts because I’m showing off too much, but I view it as sharing my success with people.

10:00 PM I post one last video talking about how busy my day has been, and wish everyone a good night while feeling cosy in bed. I say I’m cosy in bed, but if only they knew that I’m actually searching to find a Netflix series I haven’t already watched.

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