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    Welcome to Block 1: Life Around Me
    3 Topics
  2. 1.1 People Around Me
    11 Workouts
  3. 1.2 About My Family
    12 Workouts
  4. 1.3 Writing: A Personal Profile
    3 Workouts
  5. 1.4 Communication Skills Development: Sharing an Opinion
    9 Workouts
  6. 1.5 Final Project Preparation and Review
    3 Workouts
  7. 1.6 Final Project Presentations
    4 Workouts
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1.4 HW Speaking response [Teacher Scoring Required]

Dear Students!

Speaking task: Record a response to the following question. You response should be no more than 2 min

Do you like to spend time with family or with friends?

Give two reasons and two examples. Use the linkers from the lesson.

Important: Use Google Chrome browser to ensure that your response is recorded successfully.

Press the button to start recording

Make sure to press Save&Submit once recorded.

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