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IELTS Academic Maximizer [China]

Welcome to IELTS Maximizer Course!

IELTS Academic Maximizer Course is a comprehensive 8-weeks teacher-led course that provides you with a step-by-step acquisition of skills & strategies required to successfully perform each of the 4 sub-tests of IELTS Academic Exam.

Course Approach:

The course is instructor-led. During each session with an instructor students learn IELTS-specific tasks & acquire skills and strategies that address them.

The content is organized in a logical sequence from the foundational skills to more complex ones. This approach simplifies your understanding and application of the learning material toward IELTS-specific question types.

However, your success on the test depends on how automatic these skills become. For this reason, the course includes a significant independent learning practice that you are assigned after each session.

Language prerequisite:

This course is challenging and is based on authentic English materials that are used in IELTS Academic Exam. We require that all students who enroll in the course possess at least at B2 (Upper-Intermediate) level or above. This must be confirmed through GA Test Prep Language Test.

Course Structure:

The course consists of 8 Blocks. Each of the section focuses on training IELTS-specific skill and question type. In-class activities provide you with opportunities to understand strategies and train the necessary skills as well as to get immediate feedback from your instructor and peers. At home you further practice applying the strategies and training specific skills in IELTS format tasks.

Course structure:

  • Week 0: Welcome to the Course & Must-Dos before Lesson 1
  • Week 1: Academic English Basics for IELTS [Reading & Speaking Parts 1&2]
  • Week 2: IELTS Listening section 1 & Writing Task 1
  • Week 3: IELTS Reading Skills & Listening Section 2
  • Week 4: Arguments across IELTS Academic
  • Week 5: Recognizing and describing process across IELTS Academic
  • Week 6: Compare/contrast across all sections of IELTS Academic
  • Week 7: Problem/solution across all sections of IELTS Academic
  • Week 8: Review week
  • Week 9: Three Complete IELTS Academic Practice Tests

This course has been created and is constantly updated with the support of Global Ambassador Language School team.

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Course Includes

  • 66 Lessons
  • 152 Workouts
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