Globamba English Language Olympiad [School 43] -

Globamba English Language Olympiad [School 43]

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Globamba Olympiad, an online English Language Test.

When can I start? You may start anytime. Just click the Start button.

Before you begin please carefully review the instructions.

You have to complete all two parts in ONE go. You will NOT be able to go back to any part of the Olympiad and retake them. Any attempt to go back, refresh the page, or redo the tasks will nullify your results.

Time limit: 50 minutes.

The Olympiad consists of 2 parts:

  • Part 1: Reading Test (25 min)
  • Part 2: Listening Test (25 min)

Announcement of results: You will receive a short report with your results in Reading and Listening sections right after the Olympiad completion.

Technical requirements: it is highly recommended to use a laptop/computer and Google Chrome browser.

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Course Includes

  • 2 Workouts
  • Certificate
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