Acing Your English Proficiency Exam: The Top 25 Words You Need to Know! -

Acing Your English Proficiency Exam: The Top 25 Words You Need to Know!

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Are you preparing for an international English proficiency exam? If so, you’ve come to the right place! is an one-stop AI-powered educational platform for English learning, international exams (like TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, ACT, SAT) preparation and complete assistance in universities application. And we’re here to help you ace your exam with the top 25 words you should know for each of the tests.

Starting with the TOEFL, the Test of English as a Foreign Language is an English language evaluation used by many schools and universities to assess the English language skills of non-native English speakers. Here are the top 25 words you should know for the TOEFL:

1. Abundance: a large quantity of something
2. Accommodate: to make changes or adjustments
3. Adverse: unfavorable
4. Agile: able to move quickly
5. Ample: enough or more than enough
6. Apprehensive: fearful or anxious
7. Assiduous: hardworking
8. Assimilate: to absorb into a culture
9. Assurance: a promise or guarantee
10. Attain: to achieve something
11. Authentic: genuine
12. Bold: daring or courageous
13. Candid: honest and direct
14. Cautious: careful and prudent
15. Compile: to gather and organize
16. Construe: to interpret
17. Corroborate: to support with evidence
18. Deficient: lacking something
19. Discreet: careful and prudent
20. Elaborate: detailed and complex
21. Enhance: to improve
22. Fervent: passionate
23. Imperative: necessary
24. Innovative: creative and novel
25. Obsolete: no longer in use can help you get admitted to the university abroad with our free resources for TOEFL and IELTS preparation. And don’t forget to check out the other exams like GRE, GMAT, ACT, and SAT. So why not register and see how we can help you get into the school of your dreams?

Don’t let the English proficiency exam hold you back from achieving your goals. With the top 25 words you should know for each of the tests, you’ll be well on your way to acing the exam and getting into the school of your dreams.

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